The Newbarns Project, Colvend, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. Excavation of a 1st millennium BC Crannog and Bronze Age burials. Excavations take place from 3 July-9 September 2006. The Project is non funded and is staffed entirely by volunteers. Minimum stay 2 weeks. Limited self-catering accommodation and B&B in Rhonehouse village. B&B, camping and caravans on local sites. Open weekends, CBA and CSA Open weekends. Newbarns is open to the public, tours etc.?25 per week towards dig cost.
Ingleston Motte is a 12th-13th century AD defended timber castle, near the village of Gelston, Castle Douglas. Dates and details as above for Newbarns. Ingleston is not open to the public and limited number of experienced excavators only.

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