Presenting and illuminating the life of a Roman soldier in Britain, by way of informative, educational and interactive experiences for all ages.
We provide some of the only full time professional Romans in Britain and are available throughout the year, enduring the British climate with authentic clothing and equipment. We constantly update our knowledge and equipment as archaeologists uncover new finds. We pride ourselves on our historical accuracy and strive to make our presentations relevant, educational and fun for all age groups.
We provide tours of Deva (Chester), Mamucium (Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester) and other historical venues in the U.K. for: Schools and other educational groups; Tourist, clubs and Societies; Corporate clients; Families. Our award-winning service is also available for: Visits to schools throughout the U.K; Giving talks and lectures; Meeting and greeting services for corporate clients and tourists; Providing Roman characters for promotions and presentations anywhere in the U.K.; Organising tailor-made events.

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