We are a multi-disciplinary company that designs, plans, co-ordinates and delivers cultural heritage events and interpretation for virtually every historical period with a complete Historical Event Service.    Our range of historical periods and events covers live interpretation, re-enactments, multi-period spectaculars, Medieval festivals, battles and sieges, historical markets and fayres, maritime events and air shows, craft demonstrations, historical arena events, jousting and equestrian shows, walkabout and street entertainment, historical costumed characters, lectures and talks and children’s activities from the  Neolithic  period through to post-World War II.    

We also offer a comprehensive historical entertainment service to our clients in the corporate hospitality and publicity sectors with brand promotions, marketing, premiers, product launches and celebrity personal appearances.      Our services also include themed weddings, banquet entertainment and various specialist-training packages available for clients within the heritage industry.

We also work extensively with our sister companies Heritage Film Services, Archaeology and Heritage Management Consultancy  and Heritage Education Service  in providing consultancy and contractual services to our clients within the film and television, archaeology and education industries within UK and internationally.  



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