LEWESLewes Archaeological Group was founded in 1968 to investigate prehistoric and historic remains in the town of Lewes and the surrounding district. Although the Group does not currently run any excavations, it has each year a full programme of talks. It also has occasional tours and walks. Members — often in cooperation with other societies and organisations — are involved in excavations and other projects such as field walking, surveying and watching briefs. Details of opportunities are included in the Groups twice yearly newsletter  and also in the events page. The Group’s lecture programme and occasional site visits and walks bring together those interested in archaeology and history from across the area. Lewes is rich in archaeology going back to the Bronze Age.

Everyone is welcome to attend LAG’s talks, but membership  gives a reduced entrance charge. Members also receive the newsletter and receive invitation by e-mail to special activities, such as walks or tours.

Contact Details

Web: www.lewesarchaeology.org.uk

E-mail: paulawodcohen@yahoo.co.uk

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