Archaeological Geophysics and Global Positioning Surveyors.
Earthsound offers a specialist independent geophysical consultancy service operating throughout Ireland and the UK, dedicated to new and traditional archaeological prospection and geospatial surveying techniques.
A dedicated pool of geophysical, surveying and positioning equipment are available for mobilisation to international locations enabling us to offer a truly wide-ranging surveying service. This is supported by extensive data management, interpretation and reporting facilities, including geophysical and topographical workstations for interpretation and integration of 2D and 3D datasets, CAD stations, a digitizing suite and a dedicated GIS and Web Mapping team.

Our surveyors carry out an extensive range of projects providing a comprehensive and fully integrated site investigation package. Our resources, facilities and expertise combine to offer clients a reliable and trustworthy Quality Service providing a worldwide surveying unit that produces timely, cost effective solutions.

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