ArchaeoScape was established at Royal Holloway Geography Department, University of London, in 1996 as an environmental archaeological (‘palaeoenvironmental’ and ‘palaeoeconomic’) interpretation facility capable of providing a service for archaeological units, government organisations and environmental consultancies. The business commands a client-base of twenty-five organisations, including English Heritage, English Nature, Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd., RPS Consultants, Archaeological Development Services Ltd, Cotswold Archaeology, AOC Archaeology and Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd. Numerous projects have been carried out by members of ArchaeoScape and involve investigations both in the UK and abroad. Techniques commonly used include: (1) field investigations, such as designing and implementing sampling strategies; (2) geoarchaeological analyses, such as micromorphology, particle size, phosphate, organic matter and magnetic susceptibility; (3) bioarchaeological analyses, such as pollen, diatoms, insects, Mollusca, Ostracoda, Foraminifera, seeds and fruits (charred, waterlogged and mineralised), charcoal, wood and animal bone; (4) dating using OSL, TL and radiocarbon.

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