Vicky Nash

VICKY NASH – Community Archaeology

Why do you think Community Archaeology is important? Community archaeology is important as it brings together a wide variety of people and allows them to experience and understand history in a way that a book or a television programme could never do. With regards to the Dig Greater Manchester Project, community archaeology has helped to […]

Cat Jarman

CAT JARMAN – Encouraging potential archaeology students

How did you become passionate about archaeology? I grew up in Norway, and going to see the Viking ships in Oslo when I was very young made a great impression on me. Although I had been really interested in history it was only when I moved to the UK at the age of 18 that […]

Lauren McIntyre

LAUREN MCINTYRE – Introduction to Human Osteology

Why are you interested in osteology? I remember the first time I handled an animal skull in a science class at secondary school. All the other kids thought it was disgusting, but I was fascinated by it. Later when I went to university I got interested in funerary archaeology, and my interest in osteology grew […]

Lisa Westcott Wilkins


Why did you decide to start DigVentures? Just before I left Current Archaeology, we did a special issue (CA250) about the cuts, and followed this up with a fairly intense panel discussion session at CA Live. It was clear that things were going to change quickly for archaeologists, and that this was quite a serious […]