Hoards and hoarding

Over the last few years, several spectacular hoards have been discovered in Britain in quick succession, the most recent being the magnificent Staffordshire Hoard found in 2009 the Frome Hoard in 2010

Vale of York Hoard

The Vale of York Hoard was initially called the Harrowgate Hoard after the town close to where it was found, and is considered one of the most important hoards discovered in the UK so far. This is because the artefacts reflect such a huge diversity of cultural influences stretching as far afield as Afghanistan in […]

Cuerdale Hoard

The largest Viking hoard ever found outside Russia, was discovered in 1840 by workmen repairing the embankment along the River Ribble at Cuerdale near Preston in Lancashire. Around 8,600 objects were buried in the lead-lined chest, made up mainly of coins but also including ingots, amulets, chains, rings, as well as broken-up brooches and armlets. […]

Huxley Hoard

Discovered by a metal detectorist in November 2004, the Huxley Hoard is made up of 21 flattened, decorated silver arm-rings and a small cast ingot. Clearly Viking, the hoard has been dated to the first decade of the 9th century AD. Steve Reynoldson was taking part in a metal detector rally, organised by the Lune […]


Hoxne Hoard

The Hoxne Hoard, found in November 1992, is a spectacular collection of gold and silver artefacts buried about AD 410 – just as Roman Britain came to an end.

Goldsborough Hoard

Discovered by workmen digging drains in 1859, the hoard of Viking silver contains 39 coins and hacksilver made from fragments of brooches and arm-rings. Among the coins were three of Anglo-Saxon origin — one of which was a rare example of coin of Alfred the Great, and two were pennies from the reign of his […]


PAS annual report and the Staffordshire Hoard

I attended the launch yesterday of the 2007 Portable Antiquities Scheme annual report. Held at the BM in the new temporary exhibit space housing the few objects from the Staffordshire Hoard that are on display to the public, the meeting was full of the usual luminaries as well as Fred Johnson and his wife – […]

The Hallaton Treasure: evidence of a new kind of shrine?

In CA 233 we reported on the discovery at Hallaton, in Leicestershire, of a rare Roman cavalry parade helmet. It was just one of a number of items of treasure found at a pre-Roman shrine that continues to excite debate. Frank Hargrave, Project Officer at the Harborough Museum describes the other finds.


Trophies of Kings : The Staffordshire Hoard

Britain’s biggest ever Anglo-Saxon hoard has been discovered, almost 70 years to the day since gold was first unearthed at Sutton Hoo. Is this electrifying new find evidence of trophy collecting by the kings of 7th century Mercia?


The Staffordshire Hoard

The largest hoard of Anglo Saxon gold ever found, was discovered this summer by a metal-detectorist in a field in Staffordshire and is set to revolutionise our perceptions of life in the 7th and 8th centuries. With more than 650 items made from gold, and more than 500 in silver this is truly a king’s […]

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