National Organisations

British Numismatic Society

The society encourages the study of the coinages of the British Isles and present and former overseas territories, including the USA from the introduction of coinage into Britain. It also concerns itself with medals and tokens etc. and bank notes.

Historic Gardens Foundation

An international organisation set up to create international links between all those interested in historic parks and gardens, to foster understanding and appreciation and to facilitate exchange of information. Twice a year publishes the colourful magazine ‘Historic Gardens Review’ as well as newsletters. Awards prizes of ?2,500 for garden restoration.

Rescue – British Archaeological Trust

Independent charity aimed at the preservation of the historic environment, promoting education and training in British archaeology. Dependent on subscriptions and donations. We publish RESCUE NEWS 3 times a year and a publications list is available on request.

Heritage Link

Heritage Link was set up in 2002 by national heritage groups to promote the central role of the voluntary movement in the sector and to make their voice heard collectively and coherently.

Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors, Association of

The association aims to advance the professional standards of archaeological illustrators and surveyors, improve standards and provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas. Publishes regular newsletters and an annual journal, plus specialist technical papers on aspects of illustration and surveying. Holds an annual conference.

Roman Pottery, Study Group for

Pottery is an invaluable source of evidence for life in the Roman period. This group is interested in all aspects of Roman-period pottery in Britain and beyond. It promotes research by providing a forum for debate and exchange of information. The group organises regional meetings and an annual conference, publishes guidelines, regular newsletters and the […]

Relief Patterned Tile Research Group

Continuing research into relief-patterned tile in Roman Britain including production of updates of corpus published in 1997 (Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 7). The Group is always very pleased to identify examples and produce a report for publication. It is hoped to start work on a supplement to the corpus in the near future […]

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