Category: National Organisations

British Brick Society

Promotes research into all aspects of the archaeology and history of bricks, brick making and brick buildings. Members come from many backgrounds, predominantly from the UK, but also from abroad. 3-4 outings a year, newsletter BBS Information(ISSN 0960-7870) published 3 per year. Subscription ?10 per annum. Membership form on the website

Medieval Pottery Research Group

Research group founded to bring together people with an interest in the pottery vessels made, traded and used in Europe between the end of the Roman period and the 18th century. Annual conference and journal (Medieval Ceramics).

British Roman Navy, Classis Britannica

We are a small group of dedicated archaeologists who with others are focusing our knowledge on this subject. We intend to publish (via the internet), challenging new theories based upon factual data about the British Navy and other Roman Navies. As well as to run two pairs of workshops per year, for which we have […]

Association for the History of Glass Ltd

British branch of l’Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre. One-day and weekend meetings. Publishes newsletter ‘Glass News’ twice a year.

UK Forts Club

Research into military sites. Has its own library and extensive archive on fortifications. Publishes the journal ‘Aldis’. Undertakes excavations when necessary. (WRONG TEL. NO, NO RECORD OF EXISTENCE)

Institute of Field Archaeologists

The Institute gives archaeologists the status to practise as recognised professionals. It develops and advertises standards and guidance for archaeological work, promotes high standards of vocational training, represents the profession to government and other bodies, provides an exchange of information and provides services for its members.

Archaeological Leather Group

Aims to explore all aspects of archaeological (and other) leather including artefacts, production methods and conservation. Usually two events each year; one scholarly meeting, and a visit to a place of leather-related interest. Publishes newsletter twice a year, and regularly publishes conference proceedings.

Medieval Archaeology, The Society for

The society for the study of British history and archaeology since the Roman period. Publishes annual journal Medieval Archaeology, a monograph series, holds conferences and offers small grants for research in the field.

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