National Organisations

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

The national archaeology society of Scotland. Full programme of lectures and conferences. Publishes a newsletter twice a year, an annual volume of Proceedings, a series of monographs and Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports (SAIR). It administers various research funds and grants. Fellows have privileged use of the NMS Library.

Portable Antiquities Scheme (Warwickshire & Worcestershire)

The Portable Antiquities database is now a living resource, constantly updated by Finds Liaison Officers and Advisors, with several hundred new objects each day. The objects recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme, are known as portable antiquities and are found by members of the public. These objects range from the Palaeolithic to around the 18th […]

Airfield Research Group

Society for research into military and civil airfields, aircraft factories and RAF installations (but not crashed aircraft). Publishes ‘Airfield Review’ quarterly. No excavation, but actively involved in fieldwork, research, recording and the dissemination of information.

Association for the History of Glass Ltd

British branch of l’Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre. One-day and weekend meetings. Publishes newsletter ‘Glass News’ twice a year.

Lithic Studies Society

The Society is open to all who have or who would like to develop an interest in lithic artefacts of any period and related matters. Members receive an annual journal, Lithics; participation in day-meetings, talks and field excursions and society publications at reduced prices.

Archaeological Leather Group

Aims to explore all aspects of archaeological (and other) leather including artefacts, production methods and conservation. Usually two events each year; one scholarly meeting, and a visit to a place of leather-related interest. Publishes newsletter twice a year, and regularly publishes conference proceedings.

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