Category: Local Societies


North Craven Historical Research Group

The  North Craven Historical Research Group aims: To encourage, promote and facilitate research into the history, archaeology and vernacular architecture of the area of North Craven which is centred on Settle To provide research facilities for individuals, organisations and schools To provide training in the techniques necessary to carry out research To provide material for […]


Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society

If you are interested in Hampshire then you should join the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society and be part of a group of people who care about Hampshire, its environment and heritage. It is not bound by tradition, however, and is constantly evolving to provide the best possible awareness of and access to Hampshire’s […]


Eastbourne Natural History and Archaeological Society

Since the society was founded in 1867, its aim has been to stimulate and educate the public in the beauty, history and character of the countryside. The Society promotes these values with exhibitions, lectures, publications and resources available for education. From September to April, on the second Friday of the month, they have a programme […]


Hunter Archaeological Society

The Hunter Archaeological Society studies and reports on the archaeology, history and architecture of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. The Society was founded in 1912 by a group of Sheffield professionals (solicitors, architects and the like), and named in recognition of the work of antiquarian Joseph Hunter in researching and recording the history of the […]


Derbyshire Archaeological Society

The Derbyshire Archaeological Society was founded in 1878 to encourage interest in the County’s history and archaeology. They  run a regular programme of talks and visits and a number of lectures at Derby University on topics of local and national interest. In addition to publishing the annual Derbyshire Archaeological Journal, they also produce ‘Miscellany’, which […]


Somerset Industrial Archaeological Society (SIAS)

Somerset Industrial Archaeological Society (SIAS) is interested in all aspects of the industrial history and heritage of the County of Somerset.The Society was founded in 1972 and the geographical frontiers of the Society were delineated by the Local Government Act which established the new County in the same year. Cordial relations have been established with […]


Ipswich Archaeological Trust

The Ipswich Archaeological Trust was formed in October 1982 to inform the people of Ipswich about, and involve them in, archaeological work being undertaken in the town and surrounding area. The Trust’s activities depend partly on what is happening in archaeological exploration at the time but they comprise: lectures on archaeology in general, work in […]


Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology

Today the Society has a membership of about 700 worldwide and caters for a wide span of interests. In the 1960s and 70s archaeology was very popular; many members were diggers and researchers. The 1970s and 80s witnessed the birth and huge expansion of family history studies leading to a new Lincolnshire society (The Lincolnshire […]


West Linton Historical Association

The aims of the Association are: To stimulate a wide and active interest in our local heritage. To collect and conserve local archive material and to make it available to the public. To research the history of the Lyne Valley. To provide an educational resource for local children. With these aims in view the Association […]


Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society

The Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Limited is a company limited by guarantee, registered in London, England. Founded in 1870 as the Croydon Microscopical Club, the CNHSS has much in the way of printed matter and museum specimens that is relevant to the district and the archives may help your studies. Do you think […]