Essex County Council, Waste Recyling and Environment

Heritage conservation branch with usual curatorial tasks, including integrated record and specialist advice for the historic environment, as well as publishing an annual newspaper supplement, booklets and excavation reports. Manager, Owen Bedwin.

Northumberland County Council, Conservation Team

Curator for Northumberland. Maintains Sites and Monuments Record. Provides planning advice. Also advises landowners on the management of archaeology and owners of historic buildings. Manages conservation projects. Publishes annual newsletter ‘Archaeology in Northumberland’.

Wrexham Archaeology Service

Curator for Wrexham County Borough. Provides planning advice and conservation of buildings and earthworks.

Hertfordshire County Council Archaeology Office

Curator for the county of Hertfordshire. Maintains computerised Sites and Monuments Record. Provides general curatorial services. Produces leaflets and an excellent ‘Archaeology Starter Pack’. Web:

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