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Fleming Woelfell Imaging

Fleming Woelfell provide 3D imaging services for the reconstruction of historic buildings and landscapes using a unique combination of traditional illustration, computer modelling and digital painting.

Mary Rose Archaeological Sevices Ltd

Company wholly owned subsidiary of the Mary Rose Trust, commissioned to make available to the archaeological community the skills, experience and facilities acquired by the Mary Rose Trust over the last twenty five years. Specialists in the conservation of waterlogged organic materials.

Trent & Peak Archaeological Unit

Undertakes archaeological research and contract work, and provides advice for the archaeology of the Trent basin and Peak District.

Engineering Archaeological Services Ltd

Contractor covering the whole of Britain. Services include geophysical surveys, topographical surveys, archaeological resource surveys, desk top surveys, building recording, evaluations, excavations, finds work and conservation.

Lumen Archaeology

Lumen Archaeology is a UK based organisation that provides comprehensive Project Leadership for archaeological assignments within both private and public sectors worldwide. The senior management each have over 20 years experience in the field and are fully conversant with the practical and financial demands of an extremely broad range of archaeological projects.


A firm of Consulting Engineers and Archaeologists with various offices giving advice on all aspects of the heritage throughout the UK and internationally. Offices also in London (52 – 54 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN), Southampton (Carlton House, Ringwood Road, Woodlands, Southampton, SO40 7HT), York (2a St Martins Lane, Micklegate, York, YO1 1LN), Witney (6 […]

Zetica Ltd

Full service offering non-destructive investigation of heritage properties and ecclesiastical buildings. Includes reconnaissance and detailed geophysical surveys.

RPS Planning Transport and Environment

Consultants covering the UK. Services include planning advice, Environmental Impact Assessment, design and management of mitigation, provision of expert witnesses. Clients include the Highways Agency, BAA, water companies and the MoD, as well as private sector developers and mineral operators.

Oxford Archaeotechnics

Magnetic survey specialists. Magnetometer surveys, magnetic susceptibility mapping & topographic survey. UK and world-wide.

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