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Stratascan Ltd

We carry out some 100 geophysical surveys each throughout the UK and overseas. Techniques include magnetometry, earth resistance, ground radar and ground conductivity for use on all types of rural and urban sites. In the past we have worked on projects at the Tower of London, Hampton Court, Winchester, Oxford and Cardiff Castles and the […]

Thanet Archaeology, Trust for

Contractor covering the Isle of Thanet and North East Kent. Volunteers accepted where circumstances permit. Osteological and faunal material and artefact illustration services offered.

Archaeologica Ltd

Archaeological services to developers from small (single dwelling) to large (over 100ha) often complex sites. Project management from pre-application to publication. Desk-top studies, EIA statements, evaluations, excavations, watching briefs and publication

Terra Nova Limited

Services: Geoarchaeology – Is this layer colluvium? Have I reached natural yet? Were these stones put here by people or glaciers? We help archaeologists to understand how their sites, and the landscapes around them, have formed. We provide a full geology, soil and strata analysis service to answer tricky digging questions based on more than […]

GSB Prospection Ltd

Geophysical consultants specialising in Archaeological geophysics. Consultants to Channel 4’s Time Team.

Scotia Archaeology

Contractor and consultant covering Scotland. Services include excavations, evaluations, watching briefs and surveys.

Wessex Archaeology

Employs specialists in most areas of archaeology with successful projects in Europe and the UK. The Education Manager co-ordinates a wide range of activities for those interested in participating in archaeology. They are running two practical archaeology courses 4th-8th and 11th-15th September suitable for both beginners and those with some experience. All information is available […]

Abingdon Archaeological Geophysics

We specialise in carrying out magnetometery and resistivity surveys to help Societies and others to locate and understand archaeological sites.

Birmingham Archaeology

Archaeological contractor which is part of the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity at The University of Birmingham.

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