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This month, CA celebrates our 250th issue. Rather than looking back at what has happened since issue 200, however, we found ourselves looking forward. What will we be writing about in issue 300? Where do the opportunities lie for archaeology? The cover image says it all: we, as archaeologists, are heading into the unknown. The […]


CA 249

When a country is invaded, how far does the native population adopt the culture of their conquerors? Do they make changes willingly or is assimilation seen as necessary for survival? These questions resonate through current world conflicts, as well as in CA 249’s opening article, which tackles the question of whether Britain was thoroughly, or […]


CA 248

In this time of austerity, we thought it might raise everyone’s spirits to take a look at Britain’s rich history; rich both in terms of interest, and fantastically beautiful objects. CA 248 tackles a hot topic: the practice of hoarding in Britain. Recent years have produced new caches of unusual objects, as well as the […]


CA 247

This month’s issue covers about as broad a spectrum as you can get in archaeology: from prehistory to Boudica, commercial infrastructure projects, new community archaeology research and modern conflict archaeology. CA 247 is a showcase for the diversity happening in archaeology, and we’re very proud to capture that in our pages. Prehistory has dominated the […]


CA 246

It seems the action never stops in archaeology these days, with two big stories reaching CA just as we closed the issue: the Frome Hoard, and new discoveries at Stonehenge. The first is yet another confirmation of how vital the Portable Antiquities Scheme is to British archaeology; and the second, confirmation that for as much […]


CA 245

Just as we go to press, we learn that government funding for the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre has been axed. As one of Britain’s top attractions, Stonehenge is very visible, both physically and symbolically. The message is clear: if Stonehenge can get the chop, nothing is sacred. This, however, conflicts with the public interest in […]


CA 244

This month’s issue begins with a profile of a community archaeology project located  practically in CA’s back garden. The Thames Discovery Programme investigates the foreshore of London’s biggest archaeological site. How many Londoners walk past the Thames every day and never notice the archaeology right before our eyes? An important aspect of the TDP is […]


CA 243

It’s been a big month for heritage and with the elections right around the corner, there are certainly more changes on the way. Our lead news story covers the release of the new planning policy statement, PPS5, which replaces the PPG 15 and 16 documents that have governed archaeology for nearly 20 years; what will […]


CA 242

This issue of Current Archaeology contains our annual Digs special, chock-full of all the information you need to get digging this summer, or plan a day out to see what’s happening in your local area. Have fun — and if you participate in an excavation or just visit one, tell us what you thought on […]


CA 241

Current Archaeology travels to  Orkney  to investigate the Ness of Brodgar, a site that is set to revolutionise the way we think about the island’s Neolithic heritage. Sitting within an already known ritual landscape the Ness of Brodgar, new research suggests it may turn out to be the real focus of  religious  life on Orkney. […]