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Archaeological Review from Cambridge

ARC is a journal of archaeology, managed and published by research students at the University of Cambridge. Although primarily rooted in archaeological theory and practice, ARC has increasingly begun to accommodate a wide range of perspectives in the hope of establishing a strong, inter-disciplinary journal which will be of interest to those engaged in a […]

Boydell & Brewer Ltd

Publishers of academic history books, especially the Middle Ages. Many books written by, and for, archaeologists. We cover a wide range of subjects, and new titles are constantly being published. Please visit our web site for details.


International Review of Ancient Art and Archaeology, from Prehistory to AD 1700, from the Americas to the Mediterranean. Special emphasis on classical antiquity (Hellenistic to late Roman periods).

biab online – British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography

The online bibliography for British & Irish archaeology contains over 150,000 references from 1695 AD onwards and is updated with hundreds more references and abstracts, from a wide range of books and journals, at regular intervals throughout the year. The biab online database is now free access to all. For further information go to the […]

Thames & Hudson

One of the world’s leading archaeology and ancient history publishers, issuing textbooks for students (e.g. Archaeology by Renfrew & Bahn and The Human Past ed. Chris Scarre), established series such as Ancient Peoples & Places and illustrated books on everything from human evolution and world prehistory to ancient Egypt, the Celts, Roman Britain and the […]

Britannia: Aspects of the Roman Army in Britain

Two related web sites: a Gazetteer of Roman Military Sites in Britain and a Bibliography of Roman military history in Britain. The Roman Gask Project web site is now on a separate site

Current World Archaeology

Current World Archaeology covers the world from the first emergence of man up to yesterday: from Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Near East, to Anatolia, Classical Greece and Rome, as well as Asia and the Far East. Launched in 2003 as the sister magazine to Current Archaeology, we report on all the latest news, digs, and […]

Newsletter for Experimental Archaeology

The newsletter encourages and publicises research into all kinds of experimental archaeology. It has contacts in various parts of Britain and Europe and provides a link-up facility for researchers. It also provides a free advertising service for courses etc. Published quarterly. Subscription ?5 per annum.

Mick Sharp Photography

Library of photographs by Mick Sharp and Jean Williamson, available for publication. For over 25 years their pictures have been featured in guides, magazines, reports and numerous books. Black and white prints and colour transparencies of subjects connected with archaeology, ancient monuments, churches, historic landscapes and sacred sites: mainly Britain, but also abroad. No lecture […]

Archaeological Legacy Institute

Archaeological Legacy Institute is a US non-profit dedicated to sharing the human story with the rest of humanity through the use of cutting-edge technology. Our principal project is The Archaeology Channel (, our very popular streaming-media Web site. Here we present video and audio programs on demand as well as a wide variety of other […]