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Welwyn Archaeological Society

Programme of lectures and outings. Publishes newsletters and bulletins. Carried out excavations on two ditched enclosures and members have been assisting the Roman Building Trust. Continuing fieldwork and processing of finds. Fieldwork and excavation at weekend or if there is an emergency.

West Essex Archaeological Group

Lecture meetings, 2nd Monday of the month, at Woodford County High School. Annual adult membership ?10, Family ?15, Junior ?5 (15-18 or full-time student). Visits to historical and archaeological sites. Occasional excavations, limited to members only. Training excavations.

Birmingham & Warwickshire Archaeological Society

Programme of lectures, outings and artefact handling sessions. Annual publication. Occasional excavation, but normally field work only. The Field Group is carrying out a survey of an area to the east of Sutton Coldfield, and is also involved in the West Midlands Burnt Mounds Survey. Volunteers welcome.

Chess Valley Archaeological and Historical Society

Active field, records and publications groups. Field work includes topographic and geophysical surveying, field walking, and group training days. Currently excavations at Chesham Bois and geophysical surveys of Roman villas in Chess Valley. Landscape GIS based research study, Prehistoric to Post-medieval of Chess and Misbourne Valleys.

East Herts Archaeological Society

Programme of winter lectures and summer excursions. A century of Archaeology in East Herts. published 1998. Publishes newsletter and ‘Hertfordshire Archaeology’.

Ely and District Archaeological Society

Programme of 6 lectures October to May. Continuing project of recording stone walls and ridge-and-furrow. Work continues towards publication of previously completed projects.

Northumberland Archaeological Group

Aim: advancement of the study of archaeology by members of the public, through activities including lectures and field trips covering all periods and subjects, journal ‘Northern Archaeology’ and excavation in Northumberland.

Rugby Archaeological Society

Excavations in and around the Roman bath house at Tripontium continue on most Saturday afternoons throughout the year. Visits and talks can be arranged, but numbers are restricted. The Fourth and Final Report on Tripontium is now available from the Society, please see details on our web site. The Society was winner of the 2004 […]

Maldon Archaeological & Historical Group

Excavation in 2003 and 2004 at a site adjacent to Beeleigh Abbey near Maldon, Essex has revealed the well preserved foundations of a medieval hall building. All the evidence from a large number of artefacts points to a late 15th/early 16th century date and a building associated with the abbey. Six hearths have been uncovered […]