Author: Carly Hilts


DNA detective work: identifying Richard III

Following questions about the validity of using a genetic sample from a modern day relative of Richard III to help identify his remains, Dr Turi King of the University of Leicester guides us through the process she used. I’m afraid I must start with a quick DNA primer!  I promise to keep it short. Our […]


CA 277

So it really is him, then. Unusually for archaeology all the strands of evidence point to the same conclusion. And what a conclusion it is: the skeleton found in Leicester Grey Friars carpark is that of Richard III ‘beyond reasonable doubt.’ Archaeology is normally poorly suited to recover a specific object or individual. Dependent on […]

Current Archaeology Awards 2013 – Photos

The below photos were taken at the Current Archaeology Awards 2013, held at the University of London’s Senate House as part of the Current Archaeology Live! 2012 conference on 1-2 March 2013. Each image below is to be credited to Current Archaeology/Aerial-Cam


PRESS RELEASE: The Search for Richard III wins prestigious award as Research Excavation of the Year following a record number of votes from the general public

Top honours for  Research Excavation of the Year  at the prestigious Current Archaeology Awards went to  University of Leicester Archaeological Services’ international headline-grabbing discovery of Richard III under a Leicester car park. This astonishing achievement has finally allowed the lurid comments by Tudor chroniclers about the physique of this most controversial king to be objectively […]

PRESS RELEASE: Canterbury Archaeological Trust wins prestigious award as Rescue Dig of the Year following a record number of votes from the general public

Top honours for  Rescue Dig of the Year  at the prestigious Current Archaeology Awards went to  Canterbury Archaeological Trust for their work at Folkestone Roman villa. First examined in 1924, coastal erosion prompted a re-examination of the site before it was lost forever. This revealed that the villa overlay a major Iron Age port of […]

PRESS RELEASE: Time Team archaeologist Phil Harding wins Current Archaeology’s prestigious Archaeologist of the Year award for 2013, following a record number of votes from the general public.

Top honours for Archaeologist of the Year at the prestigious Current Archaeology Awards went to Phil Harding. A household name following his appearance on 20 seasons of Channel 4’s Time Team, Phil’s enthusiasm for archaeology has inspired countless others to enter the discipline. As well as digging at some of Britain’s most iconic sites with […]

Image: Colin Brooks, Courtesy University of Leicester

Richard III exhibition opens in Leicester

A new free exhibition dedicated to the search for Richard III opened today (8 Feb) at Leicester’s Guildhall. Richard III: Leicester’s search for a king reveals the archaeological detective work that led to the rediscovery of Greyfriars church, the location of Richard’s grave, and the identification of his remains. Displays place these findings in their […]


CA 276

Prehistoric standing stones are famously enigmatic, but some monuments may have more secrets in their past than was previously supposed. Recent excavations at Trefael indicate that a supposedly Bronze Age standing stone was deliberately recycled from a Neolithic tomb. Was this a knowing refashioning of a sacred landscape? Salt may be a seasoning taken for […]