Edible archaeology

Archaeological bake-off

Museum of London Archaeology recently held an archaeological bake-off,  raising £86.50 for Refuge: Women and Children against Domestic Violence.  Entries included a festive site snow scene  (with stratigraphy in section  and in plan), a coin hoard buried deep  within a cherry bourbon chocolate  cake, a timber-framed building with  impressive transverse sectional elevation,  chunks of Roman […]

Time Team

Digging with the Time Team

What is archaeology alongside a film crew like? Matthew Symonds found out.  There is something different about a Time Team dig. Excavations normally have an air of calm, with people quietly troweling, sectioning features or wrestling with drawing frames. The hustle and bustle comes at tea time, when diggers compete for the best biscuits and […]


CA 264

  February is the bicentenary of Dickens’ birth. Revered for his vivid descriptions of Victorian London, he is also applauded for drawing attention to the plight of the poorest in society. One of the slums he visited was Jacob’sIsland, which became the backdrop to the thrilling dénouement of Oliver Twist. Yet while the level of […]

Skara Brae

Skara Brae cake

Following his brilliant group tour of Orkney, the theme for Robert Morgan’s Christmas  cake had to be Skara Brae. It was the centrepiece of his Christmas dinner and  was much admired by all. Sent in by Robert Morgan, featured in issue 264 of Current Archaeology.


Time Team series 19

The  Time Team  are back! Join Tony Robinson and friends at a number of noted and less well known archaeological sites across Britain.  Expect grubby hands, evocative insights, intriguing discoveries, revealing reconstructions, plenty of arguments amongst the experts and the usual excitement from the team.We are very excited to mark the start of series 19 […]

Edible archaeology

Hallaton Treasure cake

Helen Sharp’s mother  made her this Hallaton  Treasure birthday cake featuring Iron  Age coins and a Roman helmet. She  even went to the trouble of printing  off tiny images of the real coins  and colouring them gold or silver. Sent in by  Helen Sharp, featured in issue 263 of Current Archaeology.

Edible archaeology

Micromorph Cake

Benn Penny-Mason  couldn’t resist the temptation to send  in a photo of a cake made with a friend for their  boss at this year’s Silchester Insula  IX Excavations. Cindy van Zwieten is the  Head of Science on site, so fittingly they  constructed a ‘micromorph’ cake shaped  like a sample from a pit section for her […]

Sablon birthday cake 1999 2

Roman Pumps

  Richard Stein works on Roman pumps.  His wife had this cake made for my birthday.  It is a faithful replica of the Roman wooden pump from Sablon, near Metz, found in 1905.  The (very decayed) wooden body is of oak (iced chocolate cake), and the metal liners of the cylinders are of lead (marzipan). […]


Iron Age Roundhouse

  As Rebekah Hart enjoys baking and loves archaeology, she decided to have a go at making an Iron Age roundhouse! Sent in by Rebekah Hart, and featured in issue 260 of  Current Archaeology.      

Edible pic

Peckish for Picts?

This is an image of a cake that was made for one of the previous exhibitions, The Picts Preserved, at Perth Museum. Sent in by Mark Hall, Perth, and featured in issue 259 of Current Archaeology.

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