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The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa. Image: Royal Society

Volcanoes and population

In 1985 I presented a  population graph for Britain extending  from the Mesolithic to  recent times, which was characterised  by periodic ups and downs,  the lows being the result of catastrophic  processes in which an overall  loss of the order of 50% in a  century was envisaged. This was  on the level of the historical […]

The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa. Image: Royal Society

Volcanoes, Catastrophe and the Global Crisis of the Late Second Millennium BC

When Andrew Selkirk asked me to append some comments to Mike Baillie’s piece on volcanic “events”, it prompted the notion that I had written on catastrophes  in Current Archaeology some years ago. It proved after a long search to be exactly ten years ago (CA 67) and to be a paragraph entitled “Catastrophe?” I postulated […]


Officers and gentlemen hoarders

Restoration work at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich has revealed a cache of hundreds of Victorian objects, from champagne bottles to tennis balls – hidden beneath a bricked-up flight of steps.

Roman cookery (c) Museum of London

Cookery through the ages

From Roman recipes to Victorian victuals, the Museum of London is hosting a series of  cookery workshops exploring how our ancestors prepared their favourite dishes. Between September and December, members of the public can learn how to prepare ancient dishes and sample bygone flavours – including ancient Rome’s infamous fish sauce. Led by Sally Grainger […]


Valhalla opens its gates

‘Valhalla: examining Viking burials in the British Isles’, a new exhibition exploring Viking burials across the British Isles, opens tomorrow (21 July) in York.

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Missing copies of CA? Free to a good home…

Do you have gaps in your collection of Current Archaeology back issues? John Allistone in Poole, Dorset, has duplicate copies of issues 148-203 and 205-214 that are free to a good home to anyone willing to come and collect them.

Trellech excavations

Festival of British Archaeology 2012

This July over 750 archaeological events are taking place across the UK. Co-ordinated by the Council for British Archaeology, we picked out some highlights in CA 269 but there is plenty more still to see – find out more at

Image: Jack Lawson

The Rose rises again

Almost a quarter of a century after the 16th-century Rose Theatre was rediscovered during archaeological work ahead of the construction of a new office block (see CA 115), its trustees today (13 July) launched a Heritage Lottery Fund bid to secure its future.