Interior of Maeshowe, scanned during the Scottish Ten project. Image: Historic Scotland

Chamber of secrets: Historic Scotland launches virtual tour of Maeshowe

Orkney is world-famous for its spectacular Neolithic archaeology, and now visitors from all over the globe will be able to explore one of its most enigmatic monuments, after a new virtual tour of Maeshowe chambered tomb went live today (29 August). In a video unveiled yesterday by  Scotland’s  Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the structure […]

Remains of the Namur. Photo: M Symonds

Solved: the 17 year mystery of the ship under the floorboards

In 1995 archaeologists made a surprising discovery beneath the floorboards of the Georgian wheelwright’s workshop at Chatham Historic Dockyard – the remains of an 18th-century flagship. Now after almost two decades of research, the mystery vessel has been named as the  Namur, a second-rate ship of the line that played a key role in the […]


Rare Roman altar found at Maryport

Ongoing excavations at Maryport, Cumbria, have uncovered a Roman altar – the first to be found at the site in over 140 years. In 1870, landowner and antiquarian Humphrey Senhouse discovered  17 altars buried at the Roman fort near Hadrian’s Wall. Now Newcastle University archaeologists have added an 18th to this number. Like those found […]


Officers and gentlemen hoarders

Restoration work at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich has revealed a cache of hundreds of Victorian objects, from champagne bottles to tennis balls – hidden beneath a bricked-up flight of steps.

Roman cookery (c) Museum of London

Cookery through the ages

From Roman recipes to Victorian victuals, the Museum of London is hosting a series of  cookery workshops exploring how our ancestors prepared their favourite dishes. Between September and December, members of the public can learn how to prepare ancient dishes and sample bygone flavours – including ancient Rome’s infamous fish sauce. Led by Sally Grainger […]


Valhalla opens its gates

‘Valhalla: examining Viking burials in the British Isles’, a new exhibition exploring Viking burials across the British Isles, opens tomorrow (21 July) in York.

Image: Jack Lawson

The Rose rises again

Almost a quarter of a century after the 16th-century Rose Theatre was rediscovered during archaeological work ahead of the construction of a new office block (see CA 115), its trustees today (13 July) launched a Heritage Lottery Fund bid to secure its future.