Heritage from Home


Heritage from Home – January

Even though most of the country is in lockdown there are still plenty of ways to get explore the past! Amy Brunskill has put together a selection of online resources for you to peruse from home.


Heritage from Home – December

As we write this, many parts of the UK are in different stages of lockdown, and it is uncertain how COVID-19 restrictions will affect the opening of museums and heritage sites in the coming weeks. Whatever happens, though, there are still many ways to get involved in heritage, history, and archaeology-related activities from home. Amy Brunskill has gathered a wide variety of options below.


Heritage from Home – November

As we find online resources more necessary than ever, we have put together a selection of options to ensure that you can still get your heritage fix wherever you are.


Heritage from Home – October

A selection of archaeology-related activities and resources that you can enjoy from your sofa, and places you can visit in person.


Heritage from home – September

As a growing number of museums and heritage sites reopen, we are, of course, looking forward to visiting them in person, but there is still a wealth of ways that the internet can bring archaeology from all over the world to your door. Amy Brunskill has compiled more resources to help you explore the past from the comfort of your home, as well as a list of some of the latest places that are welcoming visitors again.


Heritage from home – August

As many heritage sites and museums begin to open their doors again, you may be looking forward to getting back out there, but there is still a huge selection of resources available for the occasions where you would rather get your heritage fix from the comfort of your sofa. Amy Brunskill selects some of the latest ways to get involved in archaeology and heritage at home, as well as giving a summary of some of the sites that you can now visit in person.


Heritage from home – July

Although some heritage sites are slowly reopening, many of our favourite destinations will remain closed for a while longer. To fill the gap, Amy Brunskill has created another summary of some of the best ways to get involved in archaeology and heritage from home – as well as listing some of the places that you are now able to visit in person.


Heritage from home – June

With museums and heritage sites still closed, we’ve selected some more of the finest archaeology- and history-themed activities to keep you busy. There are plenty of places to tour from the comfort of your sofa, resources to expand your knowledge about the past, and options to entertain the whole family. Amy Brunskill explores the highlights.


Heritage from home – May

With museums currently closed and events cancelled or postponed, you might be missing your regular dose of archaeology and heritage activities (other than reading CA, of course!). But there is still an abundance of places you can ‘visit’, events you can take part in, and learning and entertainment opportunities of all sorts available online. We explore a selection of resources and activities to help you get involved from home.