Tameside Archaeological Society

The Tameside Archaeological Society was founded in 1997.  As well as occasional talks by members or invited guests, the society also runs a couple of ongoing digs.  They also undertake resistivity surveys for themselves, the local university, and other organisations, as well as fieldwalking on the local moors, investigating possible sites, and doing exploratory excavations. […]


Nottingham, University of

Nottingham’s Department of Archaeology, one of six departments in the School of Humanities, has expanded significantly in recent years and provides a vibrant environment and extensive facilities for those wishing to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate study in archaeology.  

University of Birmingham Campus

Birmingham University, Inst. for Archaeology & Antiquity

Teaches Archaeology, Ancient History, Classics, Ancient Near East studies, Assyriology, Egyptology, Forensic and Environmental Archaeology. Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek studies. Training excavations in Britain and abroad.

Sherwood Archaeological Society

Programme of lectures and outings and museum assistance. currently excavating a multi-period site – a long term project. Publish quarterly newsletter. Contact details Web: www.sherwood-archaeology.org.uk

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