Wolverhampton Archaeology Group

The Wolverhampton Archaeology Group aims to support and encourage the practice of archaeology in and around the City of Wolverhampton. There are regular meetings and archaeological projects which are undertaken by group members. Contact Details Web:  www.tlaloc.demon.co.uk Facebook:  facebook.com/pages/Wolverhampton-Archaeology-Group  

North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology Society_featured

North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology Society (NEDIAS)

The aims and objectives of the society are the study of the industrial history and archaeology of this north-east corner of Derbyshire, an area with a very long and strong heritage of manufacturing industry, from paper products and ceramics through to heavy engineering, An area where waterpower and coal provided the energy, and where turnpike […]

Friends of Sandwell’s Archaeology

As of 2007, the Friends have disbanded and put their remaining funds towards local archaeology within the Sandwell Borough. They were a  local archaeology society who organised lectures, events, excavations, survey and research work to support and encourage community involvement in the archaeology of Sandwell. Public excavations were held in Wednesbury and meetings on the […]


Middle Nene Archaeological Group

In October 1970 the Nene Valley Archaeological Research Committee suggested the formation of a local group led by John Hadman and Steve Upex to organize excavations, field walking and other events. John and Steve had already supervised some excavations, including Elton and Fotheringhay, but the first indoor meeting of the Group took place in February […]


Coventry & District Archaeological Society (CADAS)

CADAS was formed in 1965. The impetus for its formation was a series of classes entitled “Archaeology for Everyone”, held in Coventry by the Birmingham University Extramural Department. Such was the initial enthusiasm for the subject that two courses had to be run each week and even those were oversubscribed. With so many like-minded people […]


Ise Archaeological Research Society

The Society was formed in 1996 when a few people were asked to investigate a site on Whitegates Farm in Rushton. This turned out to be a Roman bathhouse. For many years a summer excavation took place which gradually revealed the bathhouse’s secrets. This came to an end in 2007 when the land was placed […]


The Woolhope Club

The Woolhope Club  has been established since 1851 and has its headquarters in the Woolhope Room in Hereford City Library. Members have access to the unique Woolhope Club Library in Hereford. The library houses an extensive collection of books by renowned local experts. The origins of the Woolhope Club reach back to the founders’ interest […]


Kenilworth History & Archaeology Society (KHAS)

Kenilworth History & Archaeology Society (KHAS) has been in existence for over 50 years. The Society promotes interest in the history and archaeology of the area by monthly talks, maintenance of a museum open to the public, visits  and support for research and publication by means of an annual magazine. A newsletter is distributed at […]


Hunter Archaeological Society

The Hunter Archaeological Society studies and reports on the archaeology, history and architecture of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. The Society was founded in 1912 by a group of Sheffield professionals (solicitors, architects and the like), and named in recognition of the work of antiquarian Joseph Hunter in researching and recording the history of the […]


Derbyshire Archaeological Society

The Derbyshire Archaeological Society was founded in 1878 to encourage interest in the County’s history and archaeology. They  run a regular programme of talks and visits and a number of lectures at Derby University on topics of local and national interest. In addition to publishing the annual Derbyshire Archaeological Journal, they also produce ‘Miscellany’, which […]

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