Richmond Archaeological Society

Monthly lecture programme and outings. The society is one of the major participants in the Thames Foreshore Project at weekends, volunteers welcome. Quarterly newsletter. Contact details Web:

Islington Archaeology & History Society

The Society organises lectures, walks, visits & outings throughout the year. It also arranges regular archaeological site visits for members, usually in the City. IA&HS also aims to document archaeological findings in the Islington area. Contact details Web:

Shard  May  2011

I’ve been in London 50 years!

It’s Guy Fawkes night — 5 November 2012 – and I have been in London for 50 years. I first came to London in 1962 to take up a new job and a new life as an articled clerk, and I stayed with my friend David at the Belsize Square Residential Club, a somewhat seedy […]


Birkbeck College, Department of History

Teaches undergraduate courses in archaeology and history from Classical Greece to Medieval Europe. Several practical training projects and excavations in Britain, Romania and Italy.

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