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Book of the Year 2018

Many excellent books have been featured in CA this year. Below are all the nominees in this category. Once you’ve chosen your favourite, click here to cast your vote! Voting closes on 5 February 2018, and all the winners of the 2018 Current Archaeology Awards will be announced on 23 February as part of Current […]


Book of the Year 2017

Winner of the award for Book of the Year was Paul Bahn for Images of the Ice Age (published by Oxford University Press). With detailed discussions of Ice Age images and explorations of how they might be interpreted, this beautiful book demonstrates how sophisticated our ancestors were. Accepting the award, Paul Bahn said: “Thank you […]


Book of the Year 2016

This year’s winner of the Book of the Year award is The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland by Marion Dowd   Celtic Art in Europe: Making Connections (Editors: Chris Gosden, Sally Crawford, and Katharina Ulmschneider, CA 302) This collection of 37 papers is essential reading for those interested in the possible meanings of decorated objects from […]


Book of the Year 2015

This year’s winner of the Book of the Year award is The History of Archaeology, edited by Paul Bahn. Exploring how archaeology is practised in countries ranging across Europe, the Far East, Africa, and Latin America “ often prompting surprising comparisons — this thought-provoking book examines how archaeology is not always politically neutral, and closes with […]


Book of the Year 2014

This year has brought many excellent books through  our door. The following titles are those we feel deserve  special recognition.


Book of the Year 2013

This year’s winner of the Book of the Year award is Roman Camps in Britain by Rebecca Jones, as reviewed in issue 268 of Current Archaeology.


Book of the Year 2012

This year’s winner of Book of the Year 2012 is  Becoming an Archaeologist: a guide to professional pathways by Joe Flatman, as reviewed in issue 260 of Current Archaeology. Becoming an Archaeologist: a guide to professional  pathways  —  CA  260 Joe Flatman This free and frank discussion of life as an archaeologist in the UK, […]

Book of the Year 2011

Current Archaeology‘s Book of the Year 2011 is awarded to Julian Bowsher and Pat Miller for The Rose and the Globe: Playhouses of Shakespeare. This has been a year filled with fabulous reading. So many great books have crossed our desks! We have done our best to review as many as possible, and we hope you have had a chance to read some.