The department offers part-time courses for general interest or leading towards a   certificate, diploma or advanced diploma.

What they say:

We offer over 800 courses per year across a broad spectrum of subjects. Classes vary in length from one-day seminars and short courses to weekly classes, online courses, summer schools, and degree programmes. The Department participates in partnerships and collaborations with a very wide range of entities to produce some of our more specialised course offerings. We work with other departments within the University, as well as with corporate and non-profit entities from the UK and beyond. Notable partners include   English Heritage, The National Trust and Oxford Archaeology.


What we say:

Benefitting from the expertise of Oxford University, the continuing education department offers a wide variety of courses suitable for all levels of expertise and interest; including evening, weekend and summer courses.   This is an excellent way to educate yourself on archaeology in your spare time! As well as courses leading to qualifications, many courses can be taken without formal assessment for leisure.


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