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Pottery and Plunder

Visiting Sutton Hoo

Visiting Sutton Hoo For long, Sutton Hoo was in private hands, but in 1998 it was given to the National Trust. A Visitor Centre has been opened, and visitors are now welcome. It is situated off the B10832 road, two miles east of Woodbridge [TM288487]. Here is a short guide to what you may see […]

Galloping down the centuries: new light on Britain's chalk-cut hill-figures

Ship burials

Ship burials are rare in Britain. The closest parallel to Sutton Hoo comes from Snape, only 9 miles away, where a cluster of mounds overlooking the River Alde was thoroughly examined in the 19th century. Although the records are incomplete, it is clear that one mound overlay the remains of a 14m long vessel, the […]

Viking house found at Hungate

Return to Sutton Hoo

After such sensational discoveries it was inevitable that archaeologists would return to Sutton Hoo. Rupert Bruce-Mitford was the first to pick up where the 1939 team left off, re-excavating Mound 1 and removing the remaining ship rivets in the 1960s. A more substantial campaign spanning 1983-2001 was masterminded by Martin Carver. This included another look […]