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Lemon Festival

Zesty Archaeology

Here are some fruity shots of Stonehenge and a Celtic cross that show a real zest for archaeology! These pictures were taken in February this year at the Menton Lemon Festival, in Menton, France. The town gardens were filled with amazing life-sized models of historic importance, including: a Roman garden; the Trojan horse; a Viking […]


Dairy Farm

                        The Norfolk Historic Buildings Group celebrated its tenth anniversary in December 2010.  Part of the party celebrations included a cake incorporating the group’s logo – Dairy Farm, Tacolneston.  Very tasty it was too! Sent in by Ian Hinton, Hon. Membership Secretary, featured in […]

trench cake

Edible Archaeology: Wedding cake

  How Romantic!  An archaeologist couple sent us this picture of their wedding cake.  Now that’s commitment! This edition of edible archaeology appeared in issue 250 of Current Archaeology.


Edible Archaeology: Roman villa mosaic floor

This cake, which was enjoyed at the 3D Archaeological Society Christmas Dinner, is of a ruined Roman floor – complete with hypocaust, mosaic floor, walls and flues. The border mosaics display the society name, and the creature in black is a smiling squid, which we saw as part of the mosaic floor in the Roman […]



  This cake is in the form of a section, with turf and layers, and a trowel beside it. It was made by Basingstoke Archaeological & Historical Society member Nicola Turton for a farewell party for a previous chairman, Tim Herrington. It was delicious! Sent in by Barbara Applin, featured in CA254

Time Team book competition now closed

To celebrate the return of Time Team to our screens,  Current Archaeology has offered the chance to win two Team Team books. Competition closed!! Thanks to all our entrants for the overwhelming response we have received, proving once again Time Team’s place in the nation’s heart. The winners who correctly identified five members of Time […]

Hackney Double Eagles

When several companions set about an ambitious piece of landscaping in the back garden of their residence in Hackney, Greater London, a chance discovery brought them to a halt: a large group of gold coins from America. Ian Richardson discusses this curious find. On a summer’s day three years ago, a group of friends set […]

Burnham Hoard

Yet another hoard has been discovered by metal detectorists in a farmer’s field. Laura McLean and Stefanie White discuss the pottery vessel and metalworking hoard that was buried almost 3,000 years ago. This past summer, John Humphreys was enjoying a relaxing August bank holiday searching for artefacts with his metal detector near Burnham-on-Crouch. Walking across […]


Time Team Season 2011 coming soon!

We are delighted to announce that Time Team will return to the small screen very soon!  The new series of the long-running and much beloved archaeology programme will air on Channel 4 from February this year. Tony Robinson and the trusty team (including Professor Mick Aston) will be raising their trowels once more to grace […]

Frome Hoard

A massive ceramic jar containing over 52,000 Roman coins has been discovered by a metal detectorist in a Somerset field — the largest coin hoard ever found in Britain in a single pot. What can it tell us about wealth, ritual and political upheaval in Roman Britain? In April 2010, metal detectorist Dave Crisp discovered […]