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Edible archaeology

Hallaton Treasure cake

Helen Sharp’s mother  made her this Hallaton  Treasure birthday cake featuring Iron  Age coins and a Roman helmet. She  even went to the trouble of printing  off tiny images of the real coins  and colouring them gold or silver. Sent in by  Helen Sharp, featured in issue 263 of Current Archaeology.

Edible archaeology

Micromorph Cake

Benn Penny-Mason  couldn’t resist the temptation to send  in a photo of a cake made with a friend for their  boss at this year’s Silchester Insula  IX Excavations. Cindy van Zwieten is the  Head of Science on site, so fittingly they  constructed a ‘micromorph’ cake shaped  like a sample from a pit section for her […]

News: How do you date a hoard? The case of Bredon Hill

  The chance discovery of a cache of over 3800 Roman coins outside Evesham has raised interesting questions about how accurately we can date finds of this kind.  Hoards are typically found in isolated spots, without other archaeological remains, so their date of burial is usually established by when the latest coin was minted. The […]

Sablon birthday cake 1999 2

Roman Pumps

  Richard Stein works on Roman pumps.  His wife had this cake made for my birthday.  It is a faithful replica of the Roman wooden pump from Sablon, near Metz, found in 1905.  The (very decayed) wooden body is of oak (iced chocolate cake), and the metal liners of the cylinders are of lead (marzipan). […]

Simon Thurley

Simon Thurley: Heritage Guardian

  CA recently interviewed Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage, on challenges facing the heritage sector, and the new draft National Planning Framework.     The National Trust is extremely worried about the new draft National Planning Framework. Do you share their concerns? Absolutely, and we are delighted that the NT is making a […]


Iron Age Roundhouse

  As Rebekah Hart enjoys baking and loves archaeology, she decided to have a go at making an Iron Age roundhouse! Sent in by Rebekah Hart, and featured in issue 260 of  Current Archaeology.      

Edible pic

Peckish for Picts?

This is an image of a cake that was made for one of the previous exhibitions, The Picts Preserved, at Perth Museum. Sent in by Mark Hall, Perth, and featured in issue 259 of Current Archaeology.

Edible Arch

Mick and his Test Pit

  On 1 July 2011, it was Mick Aston’s 65th birthday, and his test pitting team (The Winscombe Archaeological Research Project) had a cake made for him by Sasa Donovan, representing a test pit with neatly stacked turfs, and Mick lying down on the job. Sent in By Teresa Hall, featured in issue 258 of […]

Julia Thomas 015

Greek Temple

In response to our call for photos of edible archaeology, some students from Exeter University sent in a picture of their Greek Temple they made for their last Art in Ancient Society seminar. Sent in by Julia Tomas and Joanna Law, MA Classics Students, Exeter University.

Edible archaeology

Roman Fort

For Steph Turville’s 21st birthday, her parents had an archaeological birthday cake made for her — the decoration was a Roman fort and possible finds. A week after her birthday she was going to an excavation at Birdoswald Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall, a joint project between English Heritage and Newcastle University. Steph was one […]