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Barcombe Roman Villa Project

In 2006 this work will continue with the University of Sussex (Centre for Continuing Education). The work this summer will concentrate upon the south-western area of the villa complex. Various CCE training courses will form part of the project. See Digs section for details.

Saveock Water Archaeology Centre

The director of the excavation is a celebrated experimental archaeologist specializing in Otzi, ceramics and prehistoric cooking. There is an reconstructed bronze age roundhouse in one of the fields. The excavation on site covers a period from Mesolithic structures to 17th century pagan feather pits. We are open from Mid June to August.

Research Laboratory for Archaeology & History of Art

Foremost archaeological science research organisation. Undertakes small sample radiocarbon dating, luminescence dating, ceramic petrology, early vitreous materials analysis, and stable isotope dietary studies.

Historic Media Productions

Archaeologist and Presenter James Balme found the ancient settlement of Warburton including a previously unknown Roman Fortlet back in 1998. He has been searching the site continuously since then and has recovered numerous Bronze Age & Roman artefacts including a diminutive early Bronze Age axe in pristine condition dated to 1900BC as well as many […]

American Society of Irish Archaeology

The American Institute of Irish Archaeology was founded in 2005 with the goals of expanding student and professional opportunities for Americans interested in Irish archaeology. It sponsors an ongoing excavation at Kilteasheen, Co Roscommon, Ireland.

Butser Archaeological Centre Ltd , Butser Ancient Farm

Butser is an experimental Iron Age farm, with constructs of Iron Age roundhouses. It provides an educational resource for primary up to secondary schools covering the invaders [Romans] and the invaded [Celts]. Specialist group visits by arrangement. Public weekends are the last weekend March to September. Conducts archaeological research with emphasis on experimentation and geophysics. […]

Achill Archaeological Field School

Archaeological Field School involved in a research excavation at the Post-Medieval Deserted Village at Slievemore on Achill Island, Co. Mayo. The Field School is a training school for students of archaeology, anthropology and related disciplines. Students from 18 years of age and upwards are welcome. Brochure available upon request. Week and weekend courses June-September annually.

Roman Building Trust

Aims to construct an experimental hypocausted building in Britain. A suite of baths has been constructed. Offers advice on Roman building technology. A planning application has been made for a reconstruction at Welyn. For work done see

Danebury Trust

The Danebury Environs Project II is investigating ‘Rural Roman settlement in the West Hampshire downland’ and started with the excavation of the Roman villa at Houghton Down in 1997. This has been followed by excavations on villas at Grateley, Fullerton, Thruxton and Abbotts Ann, all villa sites with Iron Age antecedents. This year we will […]

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