Archaeologist and Presenter James Balme found the ancient settlement of Warburton including a previously unknown Roman Fortlet back in 1998. He has been searching the site continuously since then and has recovered numerous Bronze Age & Roman artefacts including a diminutive early Bronze Age axe in pristine condition dated to 1900BC as well as many high status Roman artefacts, and some Saxon items. In 2004 James discovered two Neolithic Encampments where he has recovered over 400 flint tools, weapons and implements some dating as far back as the Mesolithic period. These are of regional if not national importance. James recently unearthed a rare 1st Century Roman silver snake Bracelet close to the fortlet and this has been declared as a major find of great importance and is currently in the care of the British Museum in London. James is Producer, Presenter and Director of Historic Media Productions specialising solely in the writing and production of historical and archaeological film features and documentaries and he recently wrote & produced the documentary ‘The Normans at Middlewich’ celebrating the Norman Invasion of the town. James also appears regularly on regional and national television as well as radio featuring much of his important archaeological work and discoveries. In 2005 James was the subject of a BBC1 documentary for the Inside Out series broadcast in October 2005. He also appeared live on BBC regional television to talk about his amazing discovery of the Lymm hoard, a collection of over forty five unique complete vessels and artefacts all dating back from circa 2000BC. Currently James presents his own History programme monthly on local radio in the Warrington area. James carries out Live presentations of his work to groups and societies as well as schools. Throughout 2006 James will be working on several new television projects that he will be presenting about his latest discoveries and his current research including the latest phase of his (DISAPPEARED, PRESUMED DEAD)

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