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Legio Secunda Augusta

Since its conception, LEG II AVG’s military section has grown to include in its displays; soldiers, artillery, engineers, bowmen, medical staff, musical instruments, cartograph and much more for events and filming. The civilian section includes a working popina (snack bar), a mosaicist, masseur, lawyer, gladiators, games and much more.


An Iron Age and early Roman re-enactment society that interprets history through the medium of experimental archaeology, reconstruction and living history. A ‘Vicus’ is a settlement that grows outside of Roman military bases to cater to the needs of the soldiers (and their money), Likely to have originally been of a temporary nature, these settlements […]

Vikings, The

Founded in 1971, The Vikings are the oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society in the UK, and probably the world. With over 700 members throughout Britain, and others in Europe and the US, The Vikings are the premier society presenting re-enactments of the Viking Age. While the Society concentrates mainly on the 10th Century, […]

Dark Ages Society

A Historical and sociable Re-enactment society (872-950AD) which rarely chooses to do displays but has great fun within its historical field. We are open to all persons over the age of 18 years who enjoys early medieval craft, role-play, fighting and banquets. Like most reasonable living history groups we have made useful contributions to the […]


Guarderobe can provide living history interpreters for events, archaeological sites, museums, schools, local society talks etc. Periods covered include military and/or everyday life in the following: Roman, Gladiator, Anglo Saxon, Viking, Norman, Medieval, Tudor, Gunpowder Plot, Victorian, WW1 & WWII. We can also offer themed support as well as hands on children’s activities suitable for […]

Marcher Stuarts

17th century living history & military group. Tented village is occupied by, among others, an armourer, swordsman, herbalist/hedgewitch, a spinster, a sutler (cook ) an surgeon. Military displays with muskets, hook guns. blunderbuss and cannon if required.

Schola Gladiatoria

One of the leading schools in Europe for the study of medieval European martial arts. Teaching a full system of armed and unarmed combat directly from an early 15th c combat treatise by Maestro Fiore dei Liberi. We seek to learn these arts as a martial art, using replica equipment. If you want to learn […]


Catuvellauni is a British Iron-Age living history organisation whose purpose is to provide an understanding of British Iron-Age society through interpreting and reconstructing the material culture from archaeological and historical sources. The Catuvellauni informs the public using living history displays and stories in which aspects and elements of British Iron-Age are described and explained in […]

Bronze Age Re-enactment

Bronze Age living history displays for visitors centres and museums, covering everything from domestic living through to metalworking. We have produced some of the finest cameos of Bronze Age living for television.

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