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Roman Comedy

Description: Roman Comedy provide something other groups don’t: a roman themed stand-up comedian. We cater for large festivals and smaller after dinner affairs  in which the comedian can speak from 10 minutes up to an hour on the lighter side of the Roman occupation of Britain. Topics covered are the Celts, bathhouses and why the […]

Historical Promotions

  We are a multi-disciplinary company that designs, plans, co-ordinates and delivers cultural heritage events and interpretation for virtually every historical period with a complete Historical Event Service.    Our range of historical periods and events covers live interpretation, re-enactments, multi-period spectaculars, Medieval festivals, battles and sieges, historical markets and fayres, maritime events and air […]


“Shedding Light on the Dark Ages” Weorod are a small independent group of Historical Re-enactors who specialise in providing Living History and Historical Re-enactment displays for both local and national events. Based in Portsmouth Hampshire we recreate one of the most decisive eras in the history of Britain, the years between 428 and 1066, the […]

Regia Anglorum

Regia is a society which seeks to accurately re-create the life and times of the folk who lived in the islands of Britain around a thousand years ago. We are reconstructing a Saxon Manor with Longhall, ditch and bank in Kent in several acres of our own woodland. We also run and maintain a small […]

Rent a Peasant

Living History Interpreters of everyday agricultural and domestic life from Roman to Tudor times. Talks and demonstrations given using a wide range of reproduction artefacts and, where venue permits, live farm animals.

Roman Military Research Society

A research and re-enactment organisation specialising in the authentic reconstruction and testing of Roman military equipment, including artillery, weapons and armour. These are used by the drill squad of the Society (the Vexillation Legionis Geminae) in re-enactments and monthly training sessions at the Roman fort at Baginton, near Coventry. Lectures, talks and displays for schools, […]

Ermine Street Guard

The Guard was formed in 1972 to study the Roman Army and to reconstruct armour and equipment. It has gained a worldwide reputation for authenticity and professionalism and takes part in displays for English Heritage, museums and others both at home and abroad. Repertoire also includes filming and talks to schools.

Chepstowe Garrison, The

The Chepstowe Garrison is an independent multi-period Living History Group based in Chepstow Castle, South Wales. The group meets monthly at the castle and also has regular discussion & social evenings. We have various interactive living history displays covering aspects of life in the Castle through the ages (e.g. crafts, cookery, medicine, archery, musketry, cannon […]

Roman Tours Ltd

Presenting and illuminating the life of a Roman soldier in Britain, by way of informative, educational and interactive experiences for all ages. We provide some of the only full time professional Romans in Britain and are available throughout the year, enduring the British climate with authentic clothing and equipment. We constantly update our knowledge and […]

Britannia Society

Research & award winning re-enactments from 350 AD-650 AD for film & television, including Gladiator & Time Team. Also the Britannia Gladiator group perform public displays for museums in amphitheatres (Cadw) and for television.

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