Re-enactment groups

Roman Comedy

Description: Roman Comedy provide something other groups don’t: a roman themed stand-up comedian. We cater for large festivals and smaller after dinner affairs  in which the comedian can speak from 10 minutes up to an hour on the lighter side of the Roman occupation of Britain. Topics covered are the Celts, bathhouses and why the […]

Historical Promotions

  We are a multi-disciplinary company that designs, plans, co-ordinates and delivers cultural heritage events and interpretation for virtually every historical period with a complete Historical Event Service.    Our range of historical periods and events covers live interpretation, re-enactments, multi-period spectaculars, Medieval festivals, battles and sieges, historical markets and fayres, maritime events and air […]


“Shedding Light on the Dark Ages” Weorod are a small independent group of Historical Re-enactors who specialise in providing Living History and Historical Re-enactment displays for both local and national events. Based in Portsmouth Hampshire we recreate one of the most decisive eras in the history of Britain, the years between 428 and 1066, the […]

Ludus Gladiatorius

Ludus Gladiatorius is a group based that seeks to recreate something of the professional gladiatorial games and their history from 100-200AD. We are based in Fareham, Hampshire UK, and meet regularly to train each Thursday to practice our fighting and carry out research.


One of the UKs leading early medieval re-enactment societies, ERA depicts aspects of life in post-Roman Britain of the 5th and 6th centuries. We can display a wide range of craft skills (including weaving, spinning, dyeing, woodworking, forge-work, casting etc) as well as military skills. (ERA UK NO LONGER EXISTS)

Medieval Combat Society

King Edward III (1327-1377) and his son Edward of Woodstock, more popularly known as The Black Prince, held many Chivalric foot tournaments of the Nobility and Knights, which the MCS recreates, complete with all its pomp and pageantry. It was a time when England lay claim to the throne of France, with victories at Crecy, […]

Cohors V Gallorum

See Arbeia Society. Third century auxiliary soldiers and civilians

Legio Secunda Augusta

Since its conception, LEG II AVG’s military section has grown to include in its displays; soldiers, artillery, engineers, bowmen, medical staff, musical instruments, cartograph and much more for events and filming. The civilian section includes a working popina (snack bar), a mosaicist, masseur, lawyer, gladiators, games and much more.

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