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Bristol Threatened History Society

Registered charity which supports archaeological activity in the city of Bristol. It provides advice to archaeologists working in the city and helps to provide funds to facilitate their work and to inform the public about the city’s past. A programme of events and visits is planned for 2006-7. We are also planning a one-day symposium […]

Battlefields Trust

Trust for the preservation, interpretation & presentation of battlefield sites. Annual conference. Quarterly journal. Membership scheme. Limited opportunities for research and survey.

Medieval Pottery Research Group

Research group founded to bring together people with an interest in the pottery vessels made, traded and used in Europe between the end of the Roman period and the 18th century. Annual conference and journal (Medieval Ceramics).

British Roman Navy, Classis Britannica

We are a small group of dedicated archaeologists who with others are focusing our knowledge on this subject. We intend to publish (via the internet), challenging new theories based upon factual data about the British Navy and other Roman Navies. As well as to run two pairs of workshops per year, for which we have […]


Newsletter of the Roman Military Equipment Conference.

Cohors V Gallorum

See Arbeia Society. Third century auxiliary soldiers and civilians