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Ancient World Society

Society in the Boston (south Lincolnshire) area, providing lectures, study days and field trips on topics related to the ancient world. Open to all with an interest in ancient history.

Church Archaeology, Society for

The Society aims to promote the study, conservation and preservation of historic churches and chapels throughout the UK. Interests cover everything from the relationship between churches and the wider landscape to internal monuments and fittings. The Society holds an annual conference, produces an illustrated annual journal and a newsletter.

Milestone Society

This new national society has been formed to identify, record and conserve the remaining milestones and other waymarkers of the British Isles. Regional groups have been set up and a twice yearly newsletter is circulated to members; An annual Journal is also being produced.

Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group

Formed to promote the study of Prehistoric Pottery from the Neolithic to the Iron Age. AGM and one other meeting annually. Arranges international conferences and publishes regularly on aspects of prehistoric ceramics. Publishes Old Pottery Almanack jointly with the Ceramics Petrology Group and is open to specialists and non-specialists alike.

Arms and Armour Society

A learned society devoted to the study and preservation of arms and armour from earliest times to the present day.

Windgather Press Ltd

Publishes books and journals on landscape history, archaeology & history of British countryside. Publications are designed for both professionals & amateurs with an interest in the landscape. Occasional weekend courses to help readers develop their expertise in these areas.


Catuvellauni is a British Iron-Age living history organisation whose purpose is to provide an understanding of British Iron-Age society through interpreting and reconstructing the material culture from archaeological and historical sources. The Catuvellauni informs the public using living history displays and stories in which aspects and elements of British Iron-Age are described and explained in […]