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Chess Valley Archaeological and Historical Society

Active field, records and publications groups. Field work includes topographic and geophysical surveying, field walking, and group training days. Currently excavations at Chesham Bois and geophysical surveys of Roman villas in Chess Valley. Landscape GIS based research study, Prehistoric to Post-medieval of Chess and Misbourne Valleys.

CBA East Midlands

Two all-day Saturday meetings a year and an outdoor visit in the summer, with other excursions on an occasional basis. Website:

Dartmoor Tinworking Research Group

Organises excursions and publishes a newsletter twice a year. Survey and fieldwork training for members. Engaged in field survey and documentary research, but no excavation at present.

Georgian Group

The Georgian Group campaigns against the neglect, maltreatment and destruction of Georgian buildings, parks and gardens in England and Wales. The Group also seeks to promote the enjoyment and understanding of the Georgian heritage by an active programme of education and publications. Membership is open to all and subscriptions enable us to continue our efforts […]

British Association for the Advancement of Science

The BA is the UK’s nationwide open membership organisation dedicated to connecting science with people. The Archaeology and Anthropology section is particularly active, and welcomes people to attend their sessions at the BA’s annual Festival of Science. The festival takes place at a different location each year. Trinity College Dublin will be the hosts for […]

Roman Studies, Society for Promotion of

Publishes journals Britannia and Journal of Roman Studies and also monographs, including some on Romano-British topics. Runs large classical library including many books on classical archaeology. Organises conferences. Awards bursaries, in conjunction with the Roman Research Trust, to 16 to 18 year olds for archaeological fieldwork.

British Archaeological Reports

Publishes archaeological manuscripts thought too specialised by commercial publishers. Good manuscripts always welcome. Editing is shared between David Davidson and Rajka Makjanic Archaeopress and John and Erica Hedges.

Dark Ages Society

A Historical and sociable Re-enactment society (872-950AD) which rarely chooses to do displays but has great fun within its historical field. We are open to all persons over the age of 18 years who enjoys early medieval craft, role-play, fighting and banquets. Like most reasonable living history groups we have made useful contributions to the […]

Historic Media Productions

Archaeologist and Presenter James Balme found the ancient settlement of Warburton including a previously unknown Roman Fortlet back in 1998. He has been searching the site continuously since then and has recovered numerous Bronze Age & Roman artefacts including a diminutive early Bronze Age axe in pristine condition dated to 1900BC as well as many […]