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Tiverton Archaeological Group

Programme of lectures and visits. Carries out research into local history, watching briefs and emergency work. Excavations under professional supervision. Web:

Essex Archaeological & Historical Congress

Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress was founded in 1964 to bring together all the organisations in the county interested in archaeology, local history, family history and civic life. Today Essex Congress has nearly 100 member groups and actively promotes awareness and study of the rich heritage of the county. Contact details Web:

Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society

Programme of lectures and field meetings. 2-3 symposia per year. Publishes an annual journal. Large and comprehensive library of works on the archaeology and history of Somerset. Contact details Web:


Tameside Archaeological Society

The Tameside Archaeological Society was founded in 1997.  As well as occasional talks by members or invited guests, the society also runs a couple of ongoing digs.  They also undertake resistivity surveys for themselves, the local university, and other organisations, as well as fieldwalking on the local moors, investigating possible sites, and doing exploratory excavations. […]


Friends of Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust

The Friends are a group of like minded individuals who have an interest in the Heritage of the Perth and Kinross area and who wish to complement the outstanding work that the Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust (PKHT) have done and are doing. PKHT have a long standing commitment to the Heritage and Archaeology of […]

Young Archaeologists Club, Oxfordshire Branch

To educate children from 8-16 in archaeology – field trips, hands on activities and excavations. Monthly meetings, usually on a Saturday afternoon. Web:

Tree-Ring Services

Tree-Ring Services is one of the UK’s leading independent dendrochronology  laboratories dating building and archaeological timbers. We also offer a comprehensive range of other services including:  the dating of live trees, hedge boundaries, forest research, dendroclimatological analysis, consultancy advice  and publication. We operate all over the UK

Roman Comedy

Description: Roman Comedy provide something other groups don’t: a roman themed stand-up comedian. We cater for large festivals and smaller after dinner affairs  in which the comedian can speak from 10 minutes up to an hour on the lighter side of the Roman occupation of Britain. Topics covered are the Celts, bathhouses and why the […]