The aims of the Association are:

  1. To stimulate a wide and active interest in our local heritage.
  2. To collect and conserve local archive material and to make it available to the public.
  3. To research the history of the Lyne Valley.
  4. To provide an educational resource for local children.

With these aims in view the Association has over the years carried out various projects to stimulate an interest in our local history. These have included the three Jubilee trails; the Jubilee Heritage Trail, the Gifford Trail and the I-Spy Trail, all of which have proved popular. On the Lower Green the Association was instrumental in the erection of a visitor information board to cover the various points of historical interest in the village and surrounding area.

Monthly meetings for members and guests are held throughout the winter and do much to promote interest in our local heritage along with public exhibitions of local topics.

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