slhaToday the Society has a membership of about 700 worldwide and caters for a wide span of interests. In the 1960s and 70s archaeology was very popular; many members were diggers and researchers. The 1970s and 80s witnessed the birth and huge expansion of family history studies leading to a new Lincolnshire society (The Lincolnshire Family History Society) which was formed after a break away from SLHA.

From the 1960s industrial archaeology attracted members in both research and fieldwork and is one of the most active of the groups within SLHA to-day. In 2009 FLARE (Friends of Lincolnshire Archaeological Research and Education), originally based in Lincoln, joined the society and soon reinvigorated its contribution to archaeology across the county.

Publications on a wide variety of County topics have flowed from the presses in recent years and many more are in the planning. Since the millennium there has been closer liaison with the many history, archaeology and heritage groups across the County, and plans are in place to improve the links to these.

The study of heritage is ever more popular and it is the key aim of the Society is to foster this and do all in its power to be of service to the people of Lincolnshire.

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