Local Societies

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CBA South East Region

Advocates for Public Archaeology across Sussex, Surrey and Kent. They support every aspect of archaeology across Kent, Sussex and Surrey, and their primary aim is to ensure that the  cultural heritage of South-East Britain can be enjoyed and acknowledged by everybody. Contact Details Web: cbasouth-east.org E-mail: trustees@cbasouth-east.org


Peeblesshire Archaeological Society

Discover your local archaeology with the Peeblesshire Archaeological Society. If you want the chance to get out of your armchair and become involved in local archaeology, the Society offers opportunities for finding out about the past, and for appreciating the archaeological richness of Tweeddale in particular. Contact Details Web: www.peeblesarchsoc.org.uk  


Lenham Archaeological Society

This society was formed in August 2002 after involvement in the watching brief on the new Community Centre. They found many interesting items on the field before building commenced and these are now displayed in a cabinet in the foyer outside the main hall. Since then they have gone from strength to strength. The amount […]

tonbridge history

Tonbridge Historical Society

The Society was founded in 1960 to provide a focus for local people with historical interests. Unlike some similar societies it is concerned with national history and with archaeology, as well as with the history of Kent and the local area. A programme of lectures by invited speakers runs through the winter months. Meetings take […]


Ingleborough Archaeology Group

Ingleborough Archaeology Group (IAG) is based in Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales and has as its core area of operations the Ingleborough massif and the surrounding valleys of Kingsdale, Chapel le Dale and Ribblesdale. The Group was founded in 1996 under the direction of Alan King, one of the most active archaeologists in the Yorkshire […]


The Moray Society (Elgin Museum)

The history of The Moray Society is essentially that of Elgin Museum. The original name was the Elgin Scientific Society, which soon after became the Elgin Literary and Scientific Society and for some 40 years in the mid-twentieth century, the Elgin Society.   The primary function of The Moray Society is to safeguard the Museum, […]

Navan Research Group

The Navan Research Group (NRG) was formed in the spring of 1986, when quarrying threatened to destroy the archaeological remains of Navan Fort (Emain Macha), Ulster’s ancient capital. The campaign that focussed attention on the imminent threat to the site aroused massive public interest at the time. The various members of the NRG, drawn from […]


Appleby Archaeology Group

Appleby Archaeology is focused on practical, field archaeology. Most of the Group’s activities take place in the Appleby area but our interests range across the whole of Cumbria. Members receive four Newsletters a year and are entitled to attend both the winter lecture programme and summer events free of charge. Contact Details Web: www.applebyarchaeology.org.uk Post: […]


Wilmslow Historical Society

The Wilmslow Historical Society was founded in 1969. Its aims are to further the study of local history in Wilmslow and beyond and pass on knowledge to the local community. Annual subscription is £10. Visitors contribute £3. Contact Details Web: www.cheshirehistory.org.uk/wilmslow-hs Facebook: www.facebook.com/wilmslowhistoricalsociety  


Kent Underground Research Group

The members are a unique mixture of the practical and academic. On the active side they explore and survey underground features for which they have the necessary skills and equipment. Some projects call for technical expertise in the use of pumps, winches, timbering, etc. Safety is a very big feature in the Group’s activities and […]