Category: Local Societies


Border Archaeological Society

Active fieldwork survey programme & geophysics. Major joint project with local history society researching medieval Berwick. Monthly guest lectures. Well resourced by recent lottery grant.   Contact details Web:


Friends of Pendle Heritage

The Friends of Pendle Heritage is a registered charity made up of an enthusiastic group of people aiming to support and investigate the heritage of Pendle Hill and it’s surrounds of North East Lancashire, historically known as Blackburnshire. The group is based at the Pendle Heritage Centre, Barrowford and they try to cater for everyone […]


Winchelsea Archaeological Society

The Winchelsea Archaeological Society (WAS) was founded to help rectify the lack of physical archaeological evidence about the layout and character of the medieval town and port of Winchelsea (a planned town of Edward I that uniquely retains its original grid layout). Their principal aim is to geophysically survey all the remaining open areas within […]


Fen Edge Archaeology Group

Founded in 2008 by a group of amateur archaeologists, The Fen Edge Archaeology Group aims to foster an understanding of  the archaeology in the Fen Edge area in the county of Cambridgeshire which encompasses the parishes of Willingham, Rampton, Cottenham, Landbeach and Waterbeach. With the permission and support of  the landowners, the group are about […]

Merseyside Archaeological Society

Programme of evening lectures. Field trips in summer. Occasional weekend residential field trips. Training courses on excavating, field walking and graveyard surveying held from time to time. Publishes a journal and newsletters. Participates in National Archaeology Day and National Heritage Day. Contact details Web:

West Lancashire Archaeological Society

Programme of monthly meetings and lectures. Continuing watching briefs on development sites. Member of West Lancashire Environmental Network and represented on W. Lancashire Conservation Areas Advisory Panel. Contributor to West Lancs. Local Agenda 21. Contact details Facebook: Email (Secretary):

Wandsworth Historical Society

Programme of five archaeological talks per year on last Friday of the month in January, March, May, July and October. Carries out various kinds of fieldwork, but concentrating on Thames foreshore surveys. Also carries out finds processing. Publishes ‘The Wandsworth Historian’ and other publications. Contact details Web:

Suffolk Institute of Archaeology & History

Celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1998. Programme of lectures, excursions and day schools. Produces various publications and publishes annual Proceedings. A sub-group : Suffolk Archaeological Field Group frequently arranges small excavations in the summer. Contact details Web:

Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society

Programme of winter lectures and summer walks, and visits. Publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, and the journal ‘London’s Industrial Archaeology’. Carries out recording of industrial buildings and structures. Contact details Web: