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Chester Archaeological Society

They exist to promote understanding and appreciation of archaeology, history and architecture in the historic county of Cheshire plus neighbouring areas and of these subjects generally. Their activities include monthly lectures from the Autumn to the Spring, Summer excursions on demand, undertaking or encouraging relevant research, campaigning on local heritage issues, publication of an annual […]


Bridgwater and District Archaelogical Society

At a public meeting on 14th January 1963, attended by nine people, the Bridgwater Field Club was launched. Its aims were to study the history and archaeology of Bridgwater and district, and to observe and record all excavations in the area. In 1964 the present name The Bridgwater and District Archaeological Society was adopted. The […]


City of London Archaeological Society (CoLAS)

The City of London Archaeological Society was founded in 1966 to encourage interest and engagement in British archaeology, particularly in the heart of London and its ancient environs. COLAS contributes to the study of the City and its environs through fieldwork and research. Over the past several years, COLAS members have been exploring the industrial […]


Ruislip Northwood & Eastcote Local History Society

Situated in Middlesex, on the edge of the Greater London area also known as Metroland, Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote together form the ancient 11th century parish of Ruislip. The society was started in 1964 and since that time they have produced and published a great deal of research about their heritage and have promoted the […]


Ise Archaeological Research Society

The Society was formed in 1996 when a few people were asked to investigate a site on Whitegates Farm in Rushton. This turned out to be a Roman bathhouse. For many years a summer excavation took place which gradually revealed the bathhouse’s secrets. This came to an end in 2007 when the land was placed […]

Scottish society

Scottish Society for Northern Studies

The Scottish Society for Northern Studies explores the inter-relationships between the Scandinavian, Celtic and Scottish cultures through a variety of historical media and scholarly research. The Society was founded in 1968 and has since provided both a forum and a community for specialists and enthusiasts of a wide breadth of disciplines to pursue their common […]


Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society

Throughout it’s history the Society has attracted people who are interested in the archaeology and history of Norfolk. Their membership includes amateur and professional archaeologists, but the vast majority of members are simply those who are fascinated by the history, archaeology, buildings and ancient sites in the area in which they live. You will be […]


Cambridge Industrial Archaeology Society

The Society’s aim is to study and record the industrial history and artefacts of Cambridgeshire. It is affiliated to the Association of Industrial Archaeology (AIA) and the Cambridgeshire Association for Local History, and is one of the founder members of the East of England industrial Archaeology Conference (EERIAC). The Society commissions and publishes occasional Monographs […]


The Woolhope Club

The Woolhope Club  has been established since 1851 and has its headquarters in the Woolhope Room in Hereford City Library. Members have access to the unique Woolhope Club Library in Hereford. The library houses an extensive collection of books by renowned local experts. The origins of the Woolhope Club reach back to the founders’ interest […]


Kenilworth History & Archaeology Society (KHAS)

Kenilworth History & Archaeology Society (KHAS) has been in existence for over 50 years. The Society promotes interest in the history and archaeology of the area by monthly talks, maintenance of a museum open to the public, visits  and support for research and publication by means of an annual magazine. A newsletter is distributed at […]

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