Fen-Edge-Arch-Grp-digging-hFounded in 2008 by a group of amateur archaeologists, The Fen Edge Archaeology Group aims to foster an understanding of  the archaeology in the Fen Edge area in the county of Cambridgeshire which encompasses the parishes of Willingham, Rampton, Cottenham, Landbeach and Waterbeach.

With the permission and support of  the landowners, the group are about to head into their 4th season of digging at the Twenty Pence Project site just outside Cottenham. The site provides varied activities to suit all tastes for those interested in joining in and has so far  yielded pottery, animal bone, numerous coins and metalwork.

Practical workshops are also held and are based on the finds of the Twenty Pence Project excavations.

All new members are warmly welcomed and encouraged to get in touch.

Contact Details
Email: feaginfo@gmail.com

Web:  www.feag.co.uk
Blog: feagblog.wordpress.com



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