Place NamesThe Essex Society for Archaeology and History is a sponsor of the Essex Place-names Project. This is a county-wide survey to record Place-names and personal names from historical documents such as tithe and estate maps. Guidance and a helpline are provided.

As well as recording names from the historical records, the other aim of the project is to investigate on the ground visible remains which correspond to the Place-names for actual and potential archaeological, agricultural and industrial sites, and to record natural and man-made features which may relate to the Place Name.

Such research is expected to lead to the identification and distribution of archaeological and historical sites. It will enable analysis of Place Names as an indicator of settlement, landholding and agricultural practices of the county. For linguists it will refine the more precise meaning of descriptive words and elements given by early settlers as they applied a name appropriate to the topography of their time. For family historians the personal names recorded will give genealogical and locality information.

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