Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire

Curator for part of Lincolnshire. Provides planning advice and updates the Sites and Monuments Record for North Kesteven, South Kesteven and Boston Borough. Gives advice on historic buildings and manages ancient monuments (including events). Various types of publications produced. Holds a wide range of events, including co-ordination of Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days.

Northamptonshire County Council

Curator for Northamptonshire. Maintains computerised Sites and Monuments Record. Provides advice on some aspects of the historic environment.

Nottingham City Museums

Acts as archaeological curator for the City of Nottingham and operates the cities archaeological policy incorporating PPG 16 in conjunction with the city planners ( Nottingham City Development Department).

Highland Council Archaeology Unit

Curator for the Highland Council Area (about one-eighth of the area of Britain). Maintains a Sites and Monuments Record. Provides archaeological information and advice on planning, forestry and land management issues. Carries out occasional field projects. Close collaboration with local communities, archaeology groups and societies. Co-ordinates annual Highland Archaeology Week. We now maintain a Historic […]

Winchester Museums Service, Archaeology Section

Maintains Sites and Monuments Record for Winchester District, including the Urban Archaeology Database for Winchester. Responsible for post-excavation research and publication of archaeological investigations in the area, and for interacting with local communities in community heritage projects. Volunteers welcome. The Hampshire Finds Liaison Officer is also based at the Historic Resources Centre.

Exmoor National Park Archaeologist

Curator for Exmoor National Park. Provides Development control advice, site management, survey and research. Also involved in local guided walks, talks and publications.

North York Moors National Park Archaeologist

The archaeological conservation officer is the curator for the National Park Authority. Maintains the Historic Environment Record. Provides advice on site management and conservation, and development control.

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