Oxford Archaeology North

Unit covering the north of England. Educational charity that supports local archaeology groups as well as the larger organisations. Expertise covers all aspects of archaeology including excavation, evaluation, analysis, report writing and interpretation boards. Contact

Tree-Ring Services

Tree-Ring Services is one of the UK’s leading independent dendrochronology  laboratories dating building and archaeological timbers. We also offer a comprehensive range of other services including:  the dating of live trees, hedge boundaries, forest research, dendroclimatological analysis, consultancy advice  and publication. We operate all over the UK

Archaeological Investigations

Archaeological Investigations Ltd is a multi-disciplinary contract and consultancy company based in the historic city of Hereford.   We work  throughout the UK and  complement our  wide range of internal expertise with a well-established network of specialist contract personnel.

Luminescence dating

The Geochronology laboratories offers a national and international service for Luminescence dating and Short-term Isotope Chronometry. Luminescence dating can be drawn upon for artefacts (ceramics, burnt flint) and sediments extracted from archaeological and geological contexts. Short-term Isotope (Pb-210, Cs-137 and Am-241) Chronometry can be used to generate chronologies for lacustrine and peat deposits formed over […]

L-P : Archaeology

Contractor operating throughout Britain, with offices in London and Chester. Services include Archaeological and Historic Building consultancy, town-planning, project management and discharge of listed buildings.

Cathedral Survey Services

Unit specialising in the recording and analysis of historic buildings. Based at Norwich Cathedral but also undertaking outside contracts. Typical projects include Measured Surveys (plans & elevations), watching briefs during work on buildings, and reports for Listed Building Consent.

Lithic Research

Lithic Research is a one-man research facility carrying out basic and sophisticated analyses of lithic assemblages and their contexts. The unit was established in 1999 by Dr. Torben Bjarke Ballin. Specialist services are provided to archaeological units, universities and museums, tailoring approach and methodology to the specific lithic material, its research potential, and funding. Advice […]

Joanna Richards: Illustration

Experienced artefact illustrator specialising in metalwork. Projects undertaken locally and nationally for universities, field units, archaeological societies, individuals and publishers.

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