CA 191

Iron Age warriors are in the news again, and three sites in quite different  regions of Britain allow us to compare and contrast burial practices and  equipment. At Brisley Farm, near Ashford in east Kent, two very late Iron  Age warriors seem to have been revered for years into the Roman period,  making us wonder […]


CA 190

We start this issue with a spectacular new discovery: an Anglo-Saxon royal  burial fit to compare with Sutton Hoo. Though the body had completely  rotted away, the wooden burial chamber had been preserved by sand  seeping through cracks to fill the air space, leaving artefacts still hanging on  walls just where they had been placed […]


CA 189

Have the Treasure Hunters won? For the past generation, treasure hunters  have been the bête noire of archaeologists, yet suddenly, everything seems to  be going their way. There is a new Treasure Act; the BBC puts on a much  criticised series; there are two new books and even the British Museum has  put on a […]

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