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CA 241

Current Archaeology travels to  Orkney  to investigate the Ness of Brodgar, a site that is set to revolutionise the way we think about the island’s Neolithic heritage. Sitting within an already known ritual landscape the Ness of Brodgar, new research suggests it may turn out to be the real focus of  religious  life on Orkney. […]


CA 240

This month CA follows the pilgrimage along Hadrian’s Wall to bring you a special issue dedicated to one of Roman Britain’s most iconic monuments. We follow their progress from Bowness in the west to Wallsend in the east taking in the sites and exploring the remains of Birdoswald, Vindolanda and Housesteads to name but a […]


CA 239

Issue 239 opens with a feature from Northumberland. On the surface, it might seem like a routine rescue excavation. However, with more than half of the site still left to excavate, the results thus far already provide a wealth of new information about the Neolithic through to post-Roman Northumberland. Followed by reports on new research […]


CA 238

There doesn’t seem to be a slow moment around the Current Archaeology offices these days! The big news this month is the conference and the Current Archaeology Awards coming up in February.  We’ve included a special section in this issue announcing the session schedule, the nominees for the awards, information on how to register and […]


CA 237

It’s been another big month for archaeology! Hard on the heels of the Staffordshire Hoard comes another amazing discovery: Bluestonehenge. Though official results on the dating of the new circle aren’t expected until January, the untimely leak of information about the excavations to the press has forced the team to release initial results; and they […]


CA 236

What a month! We thought we had big news at Current Archaeology — preparing to launch our new design in issue 236 — until the Staffordshire Hoard came along and upstaged us. We really hope you like what we’ve done with the new look. And what better way to introduce our redesign than with the […]


CA 235

This month, we are very pleased to launch the first of what will be an annual Education Supplement. This special section will contain information on everything you need to know about studying archaeology in the United Kingdom, including courses of study, universities, specialisms, perspectives from academics, professionals and recent graduates, and guidance about how to […]


CA 234

Issue 234 begins by highlighting just how important the little things are in archaeology: what can we learn from Late Roman military insignia? More than a mere fashion statement, these markers show surprising movements, links and trends. What about fragments of Iron Age coin moulds? These discarded lumps of clay are evidence that skilful artisans […]


CA 233

Issue 233 opens with an in-depth look at the biggest dig ever undertaken in Liverpool: the excavation of the city’s Old Dock. The Old Dock was responsible for shaping the fortunes of Liverpool, and CA examines how the city’s ingenious engineering and ambitious land reclamation are reflected in the archaeology. Following on from that, we […]


CA 232

This month’s Current Archaeology offers in-depth looks at stories that have been front-page news in recent weeks.   We begin with conclusions: as presented by Alice Roberts in the BBC’s new documentary on human evolution, are we all Africans? The recently completed restoration of the famous garden at Kenilworth Castle is also making headlines.   […]

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